HIIT (30 Min)

MONDAY - 6:45am/11:15am/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm/7:00pm/7:45pm

High Intensity Interval Training. Just like the name indicates, this is intense. Work periods are short and breaks are even shorter, that will keep your heart rate up, have you sweating and burning calories.

Sculpt/SculptX (45 Min)

TUESDAY/FRIDAY - 11:15am/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm/7:00pm

Your muscles will be aching and they'll love you for it! Sculpt is a circuit training camp where lifting weights is the primary focus but because of the circuit format you'll be sweating plenty and you'll definitely get your heat rate way up.


Blitz (40 Min)

WEDNESDAY - 6:45am/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm/7:00pm/7:45pm

Core! Abs! You want it you got it. Blitz is a core and cardio camp that uses mostly bodyweight exercises. Don't underestimate the fact the no weights are used, your abs will be on fire after this one.   

Spartan (45 Min)

THURSDAY - 11:15am/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm/7:00pm

This is Sparta!!!! Here you'll be lifting heavy weights and working on compound movements with intensity and purpose. If you're looking to train like an athlete and a serious challenge, look no further.

Fierce (40 Min)

SATURDAY - 8:15am/9:45am

Fierce is the perfect mix of resistance training and cardio. This is a high energy camp that will challenge your conditioning. Fierce has crossfit elements, leaving you to compete with yourself as you try to finish as fast as you can to earn a longer break.                                           

Recharge (35 Min)

SATURDAY - 9:00am

You're always limited by your mobility. That's our philosophy at TBF. Recharge helps address that. Members will be put through stretches and sequences using foam rollers and trigger points balls to help release and relax those tight muscles.


This is the key to our members success! Variety! We have 6 bootcamps that will feel completely different and will always keep your workouts fun and motivating. These 6 bootcamps are all included in your membership ensuring you'll never be bored at the gym again!


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